Who We Are

We are all about the evolution of beauty.

Our Story

A young and evolving beauty company with a rich Herstory.

After decades in the industry with multiple business start-ups and successful product launches to her credit, Sharon Clarke founded Evolve Cosmetics™ in 2018. Evolve began with a single motivation in mind: to provide a simplified and all encompassing approach to skincare and cosmetics.

Clean Face Cloths - Evolve Medical Inc.

With our novel Clean Face Cloths, skinbetter science® medical-grade skincare, a Canadian clean makeup line and much more, Evolve Cosmetics™ offers products for every step of your daily skincare and cosmetics routine. Bringing positivity to the narrative surrounding a woman’s right to control her beauty, Evolve Cosmetics™ was born to empower women with the beauty knowledge needed to age with elegance.

Evolve Cosmetics™ encourages you to embrace and enhance your individual beauty, confidently expressing it as your own.

Evolve wants you to age on your own terms by offering skincare and makeup products tailored to suit your skin at every stage of your life.

Whether you are just starting to worry about wrinkles or are bothered by the way your makeup settles into your fine lines, Evolve Cosmetics™ has a solution for your maturing skin.

You are an Evolving Beauty and we are your Evolving Beauty Collective. Embrace your life and define your beauty at any age with Evolve Cosmetics™.

  • Sharon Clarke


    Passionate, experienced and equipped with a genuine motivation to provide the best solutions for skincare and beauty for maturing skin.

  • Marijke Coffa

    Director of Sales & Operations

    A relationship builder with a keen focus on the customer and practice success equipped to offer business and industry expertise at every organizational level.

  • Julie Reid

    Vice President of Sales

    An entrepreneur at heart who is poised with passion and compassion for providing women with tools that support their skin, build their confidence and change their lives.

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