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Top Dermatologist-Recommended Hydration Skincare


Today, we explore the top dermatologist-recommended skincare products from EVOLVE MEDICAL, featuring standout items from Hydrinity! The brand has garnered acclaim from skincare experts for its clinically validated efficacy, innovative formulations, and is used by dermatologists worldwide.

The Hydrinity Difference

Hydrinity is a top-tier skincare collection known for delivering quick, effective results. The secret? A powerful blend of hyaluronic acid (HA), peptides, botanicals, and retinoid-like growth factors that speed up skin revitalization. In clinical trials, changes were visible within two weeks of using serums twice daily. They have a unique extraction method that creates a highly potent HA, allowing better integration of peptides and botanicals for faster action without heat-related degradation. As a rising star in medical-grade skincare, these are the must-try products from Hydrinity. 

Hydrinity Hyacyn Active Mist

The Hyacyn Active Purifying Mist, the initial step in the Hydrinity regimen, is a revitalizing facial mist. Infused with hypochlorous acid—an antimicrobial agent often utilized in wound care—it primes the skin and amplifies the impact of Hydrinity serums. Its purpose is to rebalance pH levels, soothe inflammation, and gently cleanse by eliminating dirt, oil, makeup, and bacteria, all while preserving the skin's natural moisture.

Hydrinity Renewing HA Serum

This weightless, non-greasy blend incorporates the brand’s highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, a peptide mix aimed at bolstering fresh collagen synthesis, and revitalizing botanical extracts, including key ingredients such as kakadu plum, ginger root extract, algae extract, hexapeptide leaf extract, squalane, and bisabolol.

Hydrinity Restorative HA Serum

This velvety serum shares the fundamental elements of the Renewing HA Serum (dual-weight HA, peptides, botanicals) but features additional components tailored to nurture and revive sensitive skin post-procedure. Clinically verified to diminish inflammation and enhance the skin’s innate healing, it swiftly soothes, speeds up wound recovery, and delivers enduring enhancements in skin texture, tone, and strength.

Loved By The Media

What's more exciting is that Hydrinity is recognized by more and more media outlets in the space. NewBeauty hailed Hydrinity's Restorative HA Serum as a top winter essential. Praised for its dual-weight hyaluronic acid, perfect for chilly weather skin TLC! RealSelf also featured Hydrinity's Vivid Brightening Serum, praised for its RPH Technology that combats hyperpigmentation with peptides, AHAs, and fruit extracts. Users saw a brighter, more even skin tone in two weeks, with reduced pigmentation and smaller pores reported by 80% and 70% of users, respectively.

Hydrinity takes hydration to the next level. This line is designed to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, restoring its natural balance and enhancing its radiance. Dermatologists often recommend Hydrinity for its exceptional ability to lock in moisture, making it ideal for all skin types including sensitive and dehydrated skin. 

Hydrinity represents the pinnacle of dermatologist-recommended skincare, available at EVOLVE MEDICAL Canada. These products are not just effective but also embody the marriage of luxury and scientific innovation.

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