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3 Reasons to end your day with a Clean Face.

After a long and tiring day, it’s often tempting to call it a night without thoroughly washing your face. Here are 3 benefits of cleansing your skin before bed that far outweigh those few extra minutes of shut-eye.

1: Nighttime cleansing can lead to fewer breakouts and wrinkles

Today’s makeup products are frequently designed for long-wear use, offering an impressive adherence to the skin that can be tricky to remove. While it is a treat to make it through a

work-day without touch ups, these longwear products - as well as more

conventional cosmetics - if left on the skin for long periods of time can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and dehydrated skin. Prolonged dryness can cause wrinkles, but fortunately this can be combated with a thorough cleanse using an Evolve Clean Face Cloth, your favourite cleanser, and the moisturiser of your choice.

2: Nighttime cleansing can delay premature ageing

Whether you are a makeup wearer or prefer to go cosmetic-free, throughout the day your skin attracts an invisible layer of harmful airborne environmental pollutants. Nighttime

cleansing with an Evolve Clean Face Cloth assures that this buildup is removed,

along with the associated free-radical damage - a cause of collagen breakdown, dark spots and premature ageing.

3: Nighttime Cleansing Increases Efficacy of skincare

While you sleep, your skin cells undergo a process of growth and renewal called Cell Mitosis.  During this time of cell turnover, properly cleansed skin, lightly exfoliated with an Evolve Clean Face Cloth and your favourite cleanser, is able to better absorb the active ingredients in your skincare products.

A nighttime cleansing routine using an Evolve Medical Clean Face Cloth and your favourite products creates an ideal environment to achieve the healthiest skin possible - the perfect way to end the day. Sleep well, beautiful.

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