Age Zero Exosomes From The Youngest Ethical Source

Introducing ELEVAI Exosome Technology™

ELEVAI Exosome Technology - Evolve Medical Inc. Canada

What are Exosomes?

When we are young, our skin benefits from abundant stem cell populations, which act as the body's first line of defense against aging. However, as we age, the effectiveness of our repair processes decreases, leading to slower healing and visible scarring.

Stem cells release tiny nano-vesicles (~30-150nm) called exosomes. These exosomes have unique properties that make them essential in skincare. Their small size allows them to penetrate the skin more effectively, enhancing absorption and protecting skincare actives.

When exosomes penetrate the skin, they help with the body’s natural healing
response. This is particularly beneficial for addressing skin damage caused by daily aggressors such as pollution and UVA/UVB exposure. Exosomes Exosomes may help to support the body’s
natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, which may result in the
appearance, resulting in the appearance of rejuvenated, healthier-looking skin.

Experience the transformative potential of ELEVAI Exosome Technology™ and unlock your skin's natural vitality.

Discover What Sets ELEVAI Exosomes™ Apart

The Ethical Source:
ELEVAI utilizes ethically sourced Stem Cells (hUMSC) to capture exosomes specifically targeted for skin rejuvenation, unlocking their potential.

Science-Backed Process:
ELEVAI's proprietary end-to-end manufacturing process, conducted in their own labs with GLP and cosmetic cGMP standards, ensures the exceptional quality of every ELEVAI product.

Unmatched Stability:
As the first shelf-stable topical exosome skincare product available, ELEVAI products don't require freezing. Designed for both post-procedure and daily at-home use.

Convenient and Beautiful:
ELEVAI offers easy-to-use, foil-sealed tubes for in-office treatments and a UV-protected, double-wall airless pump for their home care daily serum—ensuring formulation integrity and an elegant product for your patients.

Proven Results:
The ELEVAI post-procedure system effectively addresses skin concerns associated with intrinsic and extrinsic aging, Helping to restore a healthier.

"I've been waiting for a series of products that will not only take us to a new level in anti-aging but will also change the way we think about aging. ELEVAI is about to change our world."

Sharon Clarke
President of Evolve Medical Inc.