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Nutrient Oil

Nutrient Oil - Evolve Medical Inc.-Thoya

Nutrient Oil

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Lightweight and silky-soft formula rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and essential fatty acids to seal in hydration for healthy-looking skin. Formulated with coconut oil to soothe dry skin, softening high-linoleic sunflower seed oil, and vitamin-rich grapeseed oil for a radiant look.

Prevents damage caused by exposure to everyday environmental factors.

Relieves itching due to dryness. Perfect for nourishing dehydrated skin, soothing dry spots, or use after sun exposure.


• 100% natural origin. Vegan.

• Hypoallergenic. Ideal for sensitive skin.

• Non-irritating.

• Dermatologist tested.

• Formulated without harmful ingredients.

• Dry oil formula.

• Fragrance free. Essential oil free. Silicone free. Phthalate free.

• Preservative free.

• Paraben free.

• Alcohol free.

• Not tested on animals.

• Recyclable packaging.


Multi-use dry oil. Massage a few drops onto the face or any dry spots to hydrate, nourish skin and lock in moisture.


A drop can be added to your day cream or foundation for healthy-looking skin.


Use year round; in winter to restore the skin's natural moisture barrier and in summer to nourish dry skin after sun exposure. Helps enhance tan by locking in moisture.


GRAPESEED OIL (Vitis Vinifera): Rich in phenols, linoleic fatty acid and vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin C). Moisturizes and helps reduce visible signs of premature aging. Excellent antioxidant for radiant looking skin. Resveratrol.


ORGANIC COCONUT OIL (Cocos Nucifera): Moisturizer for the skin, emollient and softener. Excellent antioxidant and rich in vitamin A and vitamin E for healthy-looking skin.


SQUALENE (plant origin): Squalane is a hydrocarbon naturally produced by the skin that moisturizes and

protects the skin. Also found in certain plants and fruits. Supports the skin's moisture barrier.


BETA-SITOSTEROL (plant origin): Excellent antioxidant and moisturizer.


ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL (Helianthus Annuus): Softening and moisturizing properties. Rich in vitamin E

and linoleic fatty acid. Eectively strengthens the natural functions of the skin's moisture barrier.


VITAMIN E: Antioxidant for healthy-looking skin.

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