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Face washing - you’ve been doing it all your life - but have you been doing it right?

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Whether you are cleansing your face to wash off a day’s worth of makeup and pollutants at bedtime, or simply to start the day off fresh, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that the time spent in front of the sink is time well spent.

Massage a high-quality cleanser suited for your skin type into your moistened skin with clean hands. Using gentle pressure, massage the product into your skin, and don’t forget the oft-neglected neck! Be sure to pay close attention to the nooks and crannies where grime and long-wear makeup can hide (we’re looking at you, area beside your nose that apparently has no official name). 

Wet a single-use 100% biodegradable Evolve Clean Face Cloth in lukewarm water, and begin wiping away the cleanser from your face and neck, using gentle strokes and paying special attention to the more delicate skin around your eyes. Your cleanser has done its job by lifting  the grime and bacteria away from your skin, and all you need to do now is wash this residue away. Continue to rinse your Evolve Clean Face Cloth with fresh water as you cleanse until all traces of the cleanser are gone - despite its softness, it is strong enough to be rinsed and wrung out multiple times.

Now that your skin is as clean as can be, don’t even think about drying off with that bath towel that’s hanging on the back of your bathroom door. The fabric can carry bacteria, and chances are there may be some toothpaste goo on there as well - nothing that you want near your face. Take your Evolve Clean Face Cloth and gently pat your skin until just dry - your skin is now prepped and ready for your moisturiser, and whatever your day - or night -  brings next!

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