If being clean is a good thing, then being twice as clean is better – right? Even more so during the summer when your skin is exposed to the heat of a summer day, the sun’s UV rays, sunscreen, maybe chlorine from your backyard pool or salty spray from seawater, and even sand if you are lucky enough to be on a beach. It’s a lot for your face to contend with, and we haven’t even talked about make-up, dry and cold office climates or the air pollution around us on our commute to work. It's time to give your face a break and double down on your cleansing routine. You won’t be sorry you did!

There’s a good chance that when you wake up in the morning you need to splash some cold water on your face to freshen up. Adding the skinbetter science® Oxygen Infusion Wash or Cleansing Gel is the perfect addition to your morning routine without adding extra time to your skin regimen.

Let’s first talk about our double-agent facial cleanser, the Oxygen Infusion Wash. This multi-tasking product will work for you all day long, slowly releasing alpha hydroxy acids and a boost of oxygen to purify and refresh your skin! With just two to three pumps it cleans away any residual make-up, oil build-up, and dead skin cells. The Oxygen Infusion Wash will feel great on your face and neck and feel even better once you see the results.

Don't forget to follow up your morning routine with another dose of cleansing in the evening. This is the key to reaping the full benefits of your skincare products. 

Suppose you're looking for a mild cleanser that offers gentle foaming and cleansing action. In that case, our Cleansing Gel is right for you. Made with mild, sulfate-free surfactants, this gel is all about cleansing the skin and removing make-up in a way that is clinically tested for sensitive skin. The skinbetter science® Cleansing Gel is a great option for adding that second wash into your skincare routine since it is so gentle, containing a skin-soothing blend of natural ingredients like aloe, chamomilla recutita, and cucumber.

Summer can be hard on your skin, but with our clinically tested products it doesn't have to be. We know skincare and it’s always better to “double down” on a safe bet! skinbetter science® Oxygen Infusion Wash and Cleansing Gel are a safe, effective way to eliminate that summer sweat while leaving you with the perfect summer glow!

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