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Beauty Sleep - The importance of hitting the hay with a clean face

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Admit it - you’ve often been tempted to call it a night without washing your face. We get it - you’re tired! While heading to bed wearing a face full of makeup and grime may give you a few more minutes of zzz’s, head to the sink, grab an Evolve Clean Face Cloth, and use those minutes to properly wash your face. Here are 3 reasons why you should.

  1. Just because your make-up is supposed to stay on for 16 hours, that doesn’t mean it should! Sleeping with your makeup on can cause clogged pores, breakouts and dehydrated skin. Prolonged dryness can cause wrinkles. We don’t like wrinkles.

  2. It’s no secret that we are surrounded by pollutants every day. Even if you go makeup-free, your skin attracts an invisible buildup of pollution as you go about your business. Nighttime cleansing removes this buildup, and minimises the associated free-radical damage - a cause of collagen breakdown, dark spots and premature ageing - nothing anyone wants.

  3. Skin cells undergo cell mitosis in the evening - an amazing growth and renewal process. During this magical time, properly cleansed skin can better absorb the beneficial ingredients in your nighttime skincare products during this process, giving them the best possible environment in which to work. Go team!

Clean up your act and give your skin some nighttime love with the 100% biodegradable Evolve Clean Face Cloths - a perfect complement to your favourite cleanser.  Sleep well, beautiful.

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